Sunday, 6 January 2013

Stand By Terminates the Internet Connection!

This is true that many of us switch our computer to stand by mode so that we don't have to restart our computer again and that's why we use to option one is hibernation and other is stand by  both have equal advantage as we have described in previous article :                                     .

As many of us have internet connection and we spend most of the time on it we usually make the connection to automatic so that we don't have to connect it every time and as when we allow automatic connectivity our computer at starts it dials the connection and when we open our browsers we are able to go through the web .

But the problem is when we stand by or Hibernate our PC's you have to make an fresh dial so that you can connect to the internet and this is the common problem many of us Ignore and just wait our 5 minutes what is the problem.Even some guys have often called their broadband customer care for the error they were getting on their screen and even support was not understanding clearly what were they telling him but as they looked at the right bottom of their screen no connection was available and they were just making fun of themselves after they also said sorry to the customer support because he was also got confused in going through deeper knowledge about their products.

Well you have to connect every time you shut down,restart or the other two you know .So there is nothing wrong with your computer so don't worry it just a normal thing and the main reason behind is that your Ethernet port is often turned off by the whole system so as far as I know most of you use LAN cable to access the web and who use WAN connection which is closed at the time when system is closed .But for  total local area network connection this problem don't occur .

Well if you find something you didn't get ask us? or leave your reply below.