Thursday, 3 January 2013

Why we should not buy Local Memory Cards Online or Offline

Memory card is something everyone wants so that he can increase the memory of his Phone,Smartphone or Device.They are available in different forms with 1,2,4,8,16,32 GB and many more.There is lot of business going in this Industry cause the number of gadgets are also increasing so these are also increasing and nobody wants its space to filled so they buy some MicroSD card for reserve and later use.

What are Local Memory Cards?
LMC is such type of memory chips which are available for low cost at various places.You can find people selling them for so low price that one encourages the other to purchase it because the offer really looks helpful and profitable and here some do mistakes.LMC looks similar to the original memory card but they don't have any sign or name of the company on it but people use them so much because of price but they don't what can happen to their data stored in them .
The marketing of such things have increased at a very significant rate because of growth of technology .
There are illegal production LMC and nobody can stop them because there are millions of supporters as well as users so how this can be stopped .Companies too give additional accessories along with their product but that sometimes comes out to be insufficient for the customer and so they run towards Local memory cards as they are cheap and widely used.

Why we should not use them?
  • They looks cheap and so their quality is , this is the major cause why some people don't use them.
  • Your data don't remain safe inside them because most of them get corrupted or show erro messages while opening.
  • There is no guarantee given to a customer while purchasing these Local MicroSD .
  • Something which is unbranded how can anyone find the solution of the problems in them.
  • Files stored inside these cards are often corrupted and we think that anybody  don't want to loose his images,music or other stuff .
  • Sometime computer not responds as we transfer files to them .
  • Low transfer speed while copying or moving files .
  • Risky to use.
How to identify which is local and which is the original memory card?
Always see the name written on it, you will find the space for example- 16 ,32 GB , name of the company to which it belongs, Always see the unique code written now a Original one will always have these things and fake will lack some of them so for 100% guarantee always buy from official store so as to avoid the risk.