Saturday, 5 January 2013

Why you should change your Resolution to enhance performance!

32 bit resolution windows XP
You must have noticed in many places that some resolution is listed like Phone,Tablet,PC or either laptop.Actually it is the size of the screen which you have and the display provided by it is listed in resolutions and mostly in pixels .

So how can it tune up your performance? and this is the most asked question by a newbie who is new to computers or PC knowledge .

Why some Games often require a specific Resolution:

You must have played some games which run in 640 x 320 pixels window and you are even prompted to play in it in full size and you mostly select that because everyone wants wide things from their sofa to their table .Some games don't run if you have wrong screen Resolution and they will show you different errors and if the person is new to the computing world he will be probably search the problem over the internet but there are sometimes even some error information is not found on the web and if it is there we often miss it and then we usually skip that application and try another one as it happens to most of us.Games size can be resized perfectly by modification which can be done by their developers only and who is difficult to find.

My Screen Shows Recommended Resolution should I opt for it:
Well the recommended size by your monitor is something which is maximum height and width it can show so they also ask user to do that.While installing windows the resolution is made perfect according to your monitor and this guarantee that you must have seen it , and later we change it as we feels it is best for us .

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How it we can change it but you should see the thing below before doing this. :

  1. Go to your my Computer.
  2. Right click and open properties.
  3. Select the best fits on your screen.
  4. Apply 

  • How it can enhance Performance:The Graphics driver which is pre-loaded on your motherboard disc comes with all the thing which are good for your PC .
  • As modification somewhat disbalances the graphics so it has little effect on performance.
  • But when there is some problem there is surely a way or solution for it .
Which is the best Resolution to Choose for Enhancing PC performance:
Well there were many experiments done by US which resulted very brilliantly and with good score we'll I mean we have solution to optimize your speed and that is choose the maximum Res which is allowed on your Screen as it gives the best speed you will never experience in Low Res why? is any question like this arising in your mind if it is so then we have answer and that is, that there were many practicals done on various different Res from high to low we noted down every single result and we showed you which is working the best .

SO now if you have something more to ask then allow us ! we'll surely reply.