Thursday, 10 January 2013

Why you should consider Webcam quality of a Laptop!

I ball Webcam
Laptop is the best personal computer now available about 60 % because they are so good and everyone prefer them buying because nobody wants to hurt his back while sitting hours on a chair just in front of a monitor whereas in Laptop we can peacefully use it on bed or our sofa everywhere it suits cause we just have to handle it between our legs and arms .During winters some people prefer to use their gadgets under their quilt because it make them warm as the heat is produced continuously and which serves relief , well this was funny but here the topic is something different and what we are talking for is Webcam.

How Technology has developed in the past :

Now today is 9th January, 2013 and I must say that if I go 10 years in past usually it will be difficult for me to find gadgets which are now available almost to everyone , and if it is so there will be less things to do on the internet at that time comparing to what we can do right now ! we can just do hangouts on Google + , we can enjoy funny videos on Internet, We can send messages to people world Wide , Video Chats are also another great invention of technology and if you have noticed this thing or not I am not sure that whenever we call through ISD service from one country to another there is usually a difference of  point second i mean that is we divide sec/2 and sometime there is no difference but on online Video Chats which are done using an Internet Connection have no difference if the connection is of good speed , now you can really understand the power of Internet .If you have a DSL connection then just think that how can this small wire can do many things and you will get the only answer and that is technology.

Why we Should Consider Webcam of a Laptop before purchasing it ?

  • There are so many places where webcam is the base requirement .
  • On social networking sites like Facebook, G+ ,Twitter, Linked In ,etc people usually upload their photo frequently making funny faces and doing more things.
  • While doing a Video Call for better image or photo a good quality MP camera is a must.
  • Some people are just fond of HD and  so the title suggest that you should get a high quality.
  • Some site moderators often delete profile which have photos of celebrity,fake,animated and like them  which decrease the reputation of the website so if you have a good webcam and the site policy says to have a original snap then it will be prove to be beneficial .
  • If any situation arises where you have to show your face or prove your identity then there you can easily tell the truth .
A Common Fact Now days : 
The fact is that every laptop usually come with a webcam while the possibility of not having it is about a unit percent and so you don't have to worry about its presence the thing have to see is it's quality and from our opinion 2 MP and above are the best while you can always ask people who have already bought it about its quality.