Saturday, 5 January 2013

Will iPhone 7 beat Samsung Galaxy S4! in Competition!

iPhone is the one which was popular more than any other company it got tough competition when his biggest rival Samsung jumped into the market with it's S3 which migrated lot of apple customers to them .

S4 is the latest Phone in news and which is gaining publicity unlike many others.People are just wandering when this wonderful smartphone will be available for them so that they can enjoy more enhanced features and design of it.

Whoever is a lover of Samsung will won't think about buying products of other companies because it is like a  magic which SM  have done on their customers who love them too much.
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Well iPhone is the greatest invention of apple yet and their developers work really hard to meet the demand of their customers .Before the gadgets which you can see around you apple was the only one who was ever demanding gadget because those features which were available in 2005 and later were not in any of the smartphone.It is good to see that the technology is growing up day by day and the Old competitors are facing problems due the fresh competitors and this is true .iPhone in some previous years was Known as best of all but really it got a big hit .

I think that S4 must have something new than S3 cause there is lot of suspense created by the company on the launch of it.There are many rumors posted on the most of the newspapers and sites but there is no official news of this gadget but it is believed that this year only after June possibly it can launch if you are a big fan of Designed for Human :) devices you must wait a little longer so as to allow the company to serve you with a fresh new Smartphone.
If iPhone got something really advanced then it can revert the whole market towards themselves cause everyone wants more and exciting features and yeah this is true nobody looks behind after purchasing a gadget though they sell them if they wanna buy something new.

Apple iPhone 7 is developed has finished was rumored recently.

If iPhone 7 is launched early than S4 than there is a possible increment in the sales of this gadget cause it is better to take steps before others do otherwise you will be left behind and this is true as if something is launched first people will take more interest in it and as we are talking about the company apple nobody can deny that it is one of the best Gadgets maker we have ever seen in the history.

Share your views regarding iPhone 7 and S4 ? and tell us your opinion.