Saturday, 2 February 2013

Kamal Hasan Vishwaroopam Released with 7 scenes less

Vishwaroopam is the new Movie whose credit goes mainly to Kamal Hasan for making such a film .It Budget is around 100 Crore rupees and the movie is produced by Chandra Hasan along with Kamal .

This Film was in news from a long time somewhat from 25th Feb when the Muslim Leaders said that it was against their religion .Many Political Parties in UP opposed the release of the film before seeing it because when he rumor aroused about anti- Religion scenes they though that they should see the movie before it's release because nobody wants to harm the sentiments of anyone and so the leaders decided to review it before taking actions regarding the movie .

It is a Good Report for the UP livers that Vishwaroopam had finally launched yesterday but today in Tamil Nadu , Kamal Hasan and Muslim Leaders or representative did a meeting which resulted in the cut off of 7 scenes from the movie which are against their religion or any other similar things.

So that's a great news for all Kamal Hasan fans because all of them were eagerly waiting for the Vishwaroopam to release and when the cases aroused all of them were Sad but now I think that everyone would be happy.