Saturday, 9 February 2013

Lava E- Tab Xtron Review,specs and Features!

Lava E-Tab Xtron
 Lava E- Tab Xtron is a new tablet launched by the company which has amazing features which you will get to know in the further description but before this we want to tell you that it's price is only Rs 6500 in India and you will know be feeling that why we told you so the answer is that you will be shocked to know the specifications of this gadget which is really smart and filled with so many things which is now a demand of the most of the customers and it satisfy all as far it is seen .

It has Android 4.1 i.e Jelly Bean which is currently the latest and nobody wants the older version so their problem is solved.Having the latest operating system will enable you to use Android system to it's fullest as most of the things which are made are developed keeping the OS in mind so if anything which will be launched in the market it will surely run on this device .Ice Cream Sandwich was the previous version which was there in the recent smartphones which were launched but people was just wanting Jelly Bean as their OS and now this was the demand so it is now there in E- Tab Xtron .

Lava XtronIt has 2 MP front camera which will help to take good snaps of yourself while seeing in the screen how you are looking in the image and two megapixel is something which will make you happy because in most of the tablets 1 MP or 0.5 are there but this has really something big .Video calling is another great factor which makes this tablet cool because now most of the people do video calls on 3 G network where they want good quality video so as to contact with others without blurry snaps.

Xtron has cortex A9 Dual Core 1.5 GHz processor which makes it super fast , it also has a Quad Core GPU for better graphics acceleration which will give you seamless performance on your tablet . Videos, music,apps and programs including others will run in just seconds and you can imagine what would be the speed.Gaming is another great thing which we can enjoy on this device because every app is capable of running as most of the devices lacks something which makes them unable to run games but it has good specifications to run most of them and you wont' face any trouble during the processing of anything.
1 GB ddr3 RAM is there which will boost your speed of using the phone, you will be able to run many applications in background as there is enough memory to allot to the programs.
It's Memory is 8 GB internally but you can expand it till 32 GB and I don't think that you will need a memory card because the space is very much and users can easily store lot of stuff in their drives without caring about the space .

Screen size is 7 inches which most of the tablets by different companies have , 1024 x 600 is the resolution which is wide .So this thing enables you to enjoy big screen with smoothness .

For connectivity solutions like WiFi and USB are given but there is nothing said about Bluetooth maybe it don't have but if we take a whole look at everything there is lot of things given more than that expected on the low price so we have to ignore this spec  of Bluetooth .
It also don't have GPS so this is another great thing which most of the devices have.

Battery is 3500 mAh which is excellent and will allow you to fully enjoy the gadget for hours on continous usage.

After reviewing this gadget it is concluded that something good is launched in the market which is available for low cost .We can also say that it can be proved to be a good GAMING device because many things will run on it .

Do you agree with the device excellent performance ? Share your views.