Monday, 11 February 2013

Micromax A27 another great smartphone for low Price

Micromax A27 is a new Android 2.3 ginger bread OS smartphone which is capable of doing many things.The most interesting thing in it is that it has relatively low price.

It has a 1 GHz processor which is very good for doing every task fast.Previously smartphones like Micromax A 80 were there which had more price than this one but now the company have presented a product with greater capabilities than A 80 which solves the problem and the price difference is also there which is a major factor and attractive point for this gadget.

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Micromax A 27 has a resolution of 320 x 480 which is something given for this price is satisfactory so you won't have to be worry about it as it is good.

1400 mAh battery is average and will last long of 5 hours on continuous talking or talk time .

For connectivity WiFI and Bluetooth are given which are the most used options but the bad thing is that there is no GPS in the device and as there are lot of Android smartphones are coming in the market  which have GPS but this lacks so we have to ignore this thing if consider gadget to buy.

Internal memory is 160 MB which is very low so you have to get a memory card and expand limit is only till 16 GB , it's RAM is 256 MB.

it's price is assumed to be around Rs 4000 which shows that it has all the specifications more than what we can expect in this low cost of four thousand rupees.