Friday, 1 February 2013

Microsoft launches new Office 365 !!

One of the most  essential software which is needed in a laptop or a computer is Office. Microsoft has launched many versions of Office and after the release of Office 13 , it has again launched the all new Office 365. These new versions are very much enhanced and are better in performance.

The word  Office generally refers to the 365 day in a year that is why the company named it Office 365. The various sub items under Office such as Microsoft Word , Powerpoint, Excel and many other are very much used in the companies as well as for personal use also.

This new modified Office is surely going to become popular in the market as the present technology loving generation needs to remain updated in the field of technology. The present youth generation will be surely attracted by the features and other add ons which the company has already integrated in the product.

Did you like this new idea of the company of launching its new product in the starting months of this new year 2013 or you think the previous versions were much more better than this new version launched by the company ?
Please take some time and share your views and comments regarding this new product launched in the market..