Sunday, 10 March 2013

Free Roaming To Start Soon in India after Few months !

Free Roaming is a kind of freedom that everyone who travels across the country wants because whenever he crosses the border of one state roaming soon starts to take action against every call incoming or outgoing and which results in loss of more money than it was used to be earlier because there are additional charges which are cut of when your phone is in roaming .

In 2013 it is hoped that this service will be launched after few months maybe 5 or more and we just pray that it starts soon because then everyone in India will be free from giving more money on calling outside the state to which the mobile operator network Sim belongs.

Our Telecom Minister Mr Kapil Sibal is someone whom we hope that his good will may bore fruits in the form of free roaming because he has been doing something great.

If the service will be launched then there will be more calls done and will increase the productivity of mobile operators but the thing is that the whole money goes to them but when roaming will be removed then there may be great losses but the other good thing is that there will be more calls happening because then nobody will be afraid of giving more money for just talking little and for which they give some pennies in their home town while outside their area the rates grow instantaneously.

Do you think that this service will start soon ? please share your views.

Some effective mobile operators will be - Airtel,Vodafone , Bsnl ,Idea,Reliance,Uninor ,Aircel ,Tata Indicom, DoCoMo , and others .