Saturday, 9 March 2013

Huawei E303C cheap 3G dongle with speed of 7.2 Mbps

Internet are now most commonly used using many different mobile networks and 3G is now becoming used by many as everybody wants speed and everyone loves to have a faster connection.The thing comes out to be that how will they access the net and then mostly people select dongles that are owned by the company like A dongle manufactured by the same company to run under it's own network and there are many mobile network companies who have launched their net pen drives in the market to increase their productivity.

Some 3G Internet Dongles comes with maximum speed of 7.2 Mbps speed but their price are relatively higher than what some other companies offer and as some place where good quality thing is offered at relatively low cost people try to spend time on that but they think that as Cost preserves quality they think that cheap things will not be good but it is not so .

Huawei E303C 3G dongle is a good internet device which you can use to enjoy 3G network with speed of maximum 7.2 Mbps .To start you need nothing and the installation is also easy.You run this device on Windows XP or above and on Mac and Linux too.2G sim can also be inserted in it so that if you are using a 2G network you can utilize it too.

Apart from all these things you can have its Storage or memory upto 32 GB by inserting a Micro SD card by which you can use it as a Pen Drive to transfer data from one computer to another or any other thing that accepts it for Eg - A Music System in a Car accepts .

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