Saturday, 9 March 2013

Seagate Backup Plus External Hard Disk of 1 TB Review

Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB is a external hard drive which you can use either for your laptop or desktop.You can store your data till 1 Terabyte or 1000 GB that's so much isn't it .Now Days people are likely to be seen in market purchasing computers which internally have 1 TB but for those who already have purchased hard drives whose space was less than this like 500 GB or something than for them it is there because sometimes it becomes hard to increase the space as sometimes no hard disk are available for specific comps and some are not made to get more memory .

The Options left is only one and that is an external hard drive which has space more and which is easy to be used while it will make you consume less internal memory as then you will be able to store data till thousand of Gigabytes and that's enough for one man's need .

Seagate Backup Plus is a great external hard drive which will advance you to the next level of space as 1 TeraByte is so much to have .It Weighs only 224 grams and which is less than some smartphones and tablets .The most important and interesting thing is that the data transfer rate will be high and so it won't take much time to copy or cut data or files and then putting them in the other.

This hard Disk works for Windows OS from Xp with service Pack 3 and above and for Mac 10.1 X to higher and I think that nobody now use old OS's as now everyone is either using Windows 8 or 7 so it is not a much problem.

This is a great device to have for only Rs 5000 and it makes you feel sufficient for the space you ever wanted  and then you will want more .

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