Friday, 22 March 2013

Videocon to charge no money on Incoming Calls in Roaming !

Videocon mobile operator
Videocon Mobile Operator is now charging no charge for incoming calls coming on the customers phone while it is in roaming , It means that when the phone is in roaming and call comes to it then there will be 0 rupees cut for that , Earlier the money was charged by both the person who used to Dial and Receiver account but now after this service the receiver will be free of the money that was to be paid .

As per this service there is nothing to be paid by the customer in form of recharge for accepting calls and in case if it is done by the person who is in roaming then the money will surely be cut according to the rates set by the company but they have given users freedom of Incoming .

This will surely affect the market and this may be possible that people will like to transfer there number to Videocon so that they can enjoy the service and they may use it is a Traveling partner because many people in India travel daily from one state to another and some who live on Border and they comes in Roaming as soon as they comes out of their Area .

According to the ' One nation Free Roaming ' by Nation Telecom Ministry  Videocon has shown its favor and have launched this service .

This may prove to be great thing for the company and may attract many customers .

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