Sunday, 7 April 2013

Bajaj Quadricycle Re-60 a auto-rickshaw or a Car !!

Bajaj Quadricycle Re-60
Yes, you have seen the right title and there is no mistake in it because Bajaj is going on in it's development of it's Quadricycle or you can say a possible advance combination of a Car and Auto-Rickshaw merged together to make a new output we just say a good use of technology.

The company's Managing Director , Mr Rajiv Bajaj has spoken about Re-60 and in his report he included the main things and restrictions which are disallowing to them to currently develop this vehicle at a large rate , he also revealed the main obstruction which was a governmental matter and after the whole process had finished they will start making them so as everybody can enjoy the ride .

Bajaj Re-60 Quadricycle can prove to be a significant competitor to Tata Nano which is cool at it's own base and is popularly known for it's size and price , but this time Two Wheeler manufacturer had taken step into the Auto technology so as to provide customers more satisfaction for which they look out .

Expected features and specifications are guessed and they include  :

  • 30-40 Km/pl or mileage on an average.
  • Less weight usually less than other cars .
  • Must be Four seat .
  • Maximum speed of 70 Km/h . 
There is something truly amazing out there on it's verge of getting launched in the market but there is some time for it , so we can just Hold for maybe some months after which it will be there in the market at the Dealers .It's price in India is also be revealed to be nearly 1 lakh rupees so users can choose between vehicles nearly available to this cost.

The good thing to see in Bajaj Quadricycle Re-60 is this that it is predicted it will be Eco friendly and four seater while having a great mileage, so for some Trips,four people can enjoy a lot .

Lets see what you think about this great merging !! .