Thursday, 18 April 2013

Idea Aurus II(2) Cool Specifications capable of Defeating others!

Idea Aurus 2 II
Idea Aurus 2 is a new smartphone launched in the market for only Rs  6490 which is a bit low if you'll further read it's specs because they are very satisfying to guys around us ! and that's for sure because most of Us usually opt for smartphones which fulfills some basic demands , which include High Performance , less Delays , all games must run , and no Update is required so that for a bit of time we don't have to continuously go to setting menu for Searches for newer version .

Idea Aurus II (2) specifications :
The most important thing is that it runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean platform which customary now go around like " Bees go to Honey " and that's the reason which is making Bean the best platform ever and now company's are also understanding this factor which encourage them to develop this software for a particular smartphone which belongs to them , having previous versions .
Having a 3.5 inch capacitive screen we can say it is normal but not large , Good for most of Us to have and tohandle ,resolution is 320 X 480 pixels ,  The best part comes when we talk about Ram and Processor as they have 512 MB and 1 GHz respectively which we say pretty cool to run most our Apps smoothly without any Hitches or delays as they will most probably have some space to do their Task .

Aurus 2 has both cameras Rear as well as front which are 3.2 MP and a VGA so both the needs , one for snapping normal pics and the other to do video conversations gets a Tick on their availability .
Dual Sim features is also there having Both GSM slots so you can make your arrangements of Call management easily with your available amount of Balance.

Internal Memory is 4 GB which is quite impressive but if you find it less then don't hesitate it to increase till 32 GB using a micro SD card which is now commonly used .
For internet connection there are things like 3G and WiFi and others which exist at low levels but the best thing is that Idea is now known for internet service with 3G connectivity as it has been providing some great customers speed they like the most !! so it can be a boon , Bluetooth is also there .

Special Offer :
Recently some of the phones stepping in the market are coming with attraction and they sort out key things to do that , here there is a plan of Rs 261 for the new customers only by which they are getting 1.6 GB data on 3G with Idea TV service which they can avail for 3 months which cost around 1200 bucks so here there is a great opportunity to grab if interested .This is thing was similar in Gionee P1 also where users were getting 4 GB memory card and 2 case with Screen film protection .

What do you think about it ? .