Thursday, 13 June 2013

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" and Kindle Fire HD 8.9 " to be available on Amazon Indian Website by June 27

Amazon has officially announced the listing of Two of their       products coming in same name but with different Sizes - Kindle Fire HD in 7 inches and 8.9 " so those who really dreamt of this gadget can get it after June 27 from the official site of Amazon India .

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9

We'll it looks something fresh the company have brought to India users as earlier only in particular areas it was available but now they too can enjoy the benefits, as we are already familiar with the quality they have served world wide with the products shipment and other things , let's now move on to the discussion of the two devices they will list.

Features of Kindle Fire HD :

    Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7
  • HD Display , as you must have seen it in most of the cases and here too , it's same but at a bigger level then standard displays provide.
  • Custom Dolby Audio and Stereo Speakers , as they are quite amazing so the sound quality will be quite great as it seems .
  • Dual Antenna WiFi .
  • The most interesting you will observe is that it is having Secondary Camera HD too !! , so your hair style will be designed without bad pixels as it will be maintained by Fire .
  • Battery Boasted having 10 hours of supply so that's you can enjoy till the moment you become tired of the day .
  • Laminated Touch sensor enables users to see the screen when there is light too much above your head , e.g - on Roof where there is Sunshine where usually there is  nothing seen inside it , so that's great.
  • Advanced true Polarizing Filter makes it easy to look at the tablet from any angle with same quality as it was serving at an angle of 90 degree i.e Top View .
  • Android 4.0 ICS .
Amazon Kindle Vice President Comment in Brief - " Customers in India will surely find this tablet to be the best " .

Kindle Fire HD 7 " Specifications :
  • You are already familiar with the screen size .
  • Resolution : 1280 X 800 pixels .
  • Dual Band WiFi - Switch able between 2.4 GHz network and 5 GHz .
  • Skype App available specially made for this tablet only which allows easy Video Calls , this is great isn't it as most of us hang out for calls either on Google + or Skype mainly , your choice may vary !.
  • 16 and 32 GB variations along with Cloud Storage from Amazon .
  • 1.2 GHz processor with PowerVR 3D graphics core .
  • 11 hours backup here.
Kindle Fire HD 8.9 specs :

Some Features that are common in Both are not listed 

  • 1920 X 1080  pixels resolution .
  • 1.5 GHz Dual Core OMAP4470 CPU .
  • Imagination SGX544 GPU for extreme gaming .
  • WiFi connectivity is same.
  • 10 hours backup , it's less obviously as it will consume more power because of it's size so that's not a problem you won't find less.
Price of Kindle Fire HD 7 and 8.9 in India for 16 GB versions:

They are costing Rs 15,999 and Rs 21,999 which is according to their capabilities .

They are many apps and e-books you will find for your Kindle right at the Amazon site if you are in need , apps like Temple Run and others are there which can make you feel the way every gamers wan't .

Availability :By June 27th you are free to grab it on their stores for respective prices .

Pros : 
  • No compromise in Performance.
  • Even the Memory is cool ,enough to store data required by new people to put movies into their drives.
  • Big Screen , worth for a Tab .
  • High Definition Front Camera. 
Cons : 
  • The Screen is not of 10 " 
  • Android version .         .

Should you Buy it Or Not :

This is all depends on you the Advantages or other similar stuff is listed above just put your brain to think , if you can afford it well and good go for it , the only thing is that Android is something trending which is likely to be used by most of the Users and mostly Jelly Bean as it's the latest and nobody was ever smooth than this but this is something you should keep in mind before doing something after which you regret .