Saturday, 8 June 2013

Apple iOS 7 to be revealed at WWDC Conference 2013 is this True !

Apple iOS 7 Unofficial Logo
Apple's activity in January this Year made many Sources to reveal rumours of iOS7 which was due to the Software testing basically they might did so as to see the abilities of their Operating System and to enhance performance and Working in their next OS version . Apple World Wide Conference which is going to be from June 10 to 14 where they will provide much information about their Products.The Event is taking place at San Francisco's , Moscone West where they have started preparing for the Event as now from today only 2 days left .

The Developers who will attend WWDC 2013 will learn about the new things they have created , ongoing working and Insights of their product which will tweak their ability to create more innovative apps for these Operating System which are Fast , smooth and have Good design .

Apple Design Awards is something where the credit will goes to the creators of those applications which are really great , and even downloaded more than million times -may be more just predicted .

What Will Be there in the Conference :

  • They have claimed of 100 technical sessions which will be taken by the apple engineers who will tell the latest technology they have used in the Core of their Operating System for their both iPhone and Mac OS X .
  • The Show of their new products which might be on their Way - still to be revealed about them.
  • Any Surprises to their Lovers .
  • Much more .
Why Should we Attend it ?

We'll most of us have work load on us and we can't attend it at all but those Tech developers who are really interested should go because it is worth seeing the Tutorials and new type of Codes they can present which will just be a new thing to most of the Engineers and if they learned all the stuff they will be able to do more with their App and can increase performance of their Game or software for the iOS or Mac OS X .

What We Expect for iOS 7 ?
The Best answer is that it should have better performance and stability over the previous versions , we'll if there is nothing new than it will not be good for us to upgrade system to the latest operating system but as nobody is fool , our expectations with apple are very high as they have always provided great things to their Users and we love them still .