Friday, 14 June 2013

Honda Activa I - 110 CC Scooter launched at a Ex-Showroom Price of Rs 44,200

" Honda Activa I Launched 110 CC Scooter at a Price of Rs 44,200 "

Honda Activa I
Honda Activa is one of the best scooters present today in the Indian market as it is easy to ride, maintainable ,Used by Many so when someone sees something he really gets into habit of researching on it leading to some purchases too but also they have good Speed , Mileage and Power and Other Things it is still rocking and on even on some Local Showroom you'll  find it pre-booked and almost 1 month takes to get it with proper registration though it is being used by Many .

Honda Activa I Features , Updated Ones too in comparison to the Previous model :

  • Light Weight and that's a major advantage to those who have problems or unable to handle heavy vehicles specially the aviator so Girls can too choose it .
  • Tubeless Tires so that you can even manage with minor punctures we come across in our daily life.
  • Seat Design Enhanced so that we can sit easily without any problem in full comfort .
  • 18 L Petrol or Fuel capacity which is a advantage of it , even on Long Drives our it won't stop .
  • Battery is now Maintenance free .
  • Combi Brake System , so that it can be stopped at normal distances so as to avoid emergencies while riding .
  •  Weight of Activa I is 103 KG  than the previous one's you won't find this Troubling you as it's obviously less.
  • 165 MM ground Clearance , specially on areas where there are uneven roads as well as speed breaker where it touches and just put scratches on the base.
  • 5.83 KW power , with Torque of 8.74 NM at 5500 RPM .
Design of it has been made so that no males find it boring nor Female so it suits both so that personality is maintained at both the sides .

Now As it is so , the scooter can be put on stand with less force as it has been claimed so less Power would be required to put it in position .

Mileage of Activa I is 60 Kmpl which is just due to Honda Eco Technology which just enhances average given by it.

So What do you think , Is it having Attractive Specs share your Views Freely .