Thursday, 13 June 2013

IRCTC Railway Ticket Booking Through SMS to start in July

IRCTC which stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation is soon in the month of July is going to start it's SMS service through which users will enjoy the benefits of ticket booking through their mobile devices only .

What are The Advantages ?

  • No Internet Connection required.
  • Less Confusion .
  • No Problem in making transactions .
  • Traffic delays are often observed on IRCTC website because there are large number of visitors due to which there are heavy loads on server which results in Errors and sometime Frustration caused to Customers , so that'll be managed .
  • No Doubt, the service will be faster.
  • Those who get online to get their tickets through their site will find minimal errors than previously.
We Really appreciate the technique or idea whosoever has given in order to make User more friendly with them , while there are less sweats in Line usually found in front of Booking Counter .

How Will it be Possible do we have to Type any Number or Code ? 

The Answer is that you will be given with a USSD code which you normally type to check your balance , get new offers as you are provided with , so these will be unique but they are yet to be known .

For the Whole Process to work , Customers will first have to register themselves with Banks which are supported , once it's done there are Mobile Money Identifiers and passwords that will be given to you to make successful purchases on their site in order to get your tickets , so that's not a problem even a new to Mobile can understand it .

IRCTC SMS service is great isn't it because now Tensions will be less, most of Us might have observed our Computers ( some running on Low Speeds ) getting page error and mostly at 8 AM in earlier times to grab the Tatkal Quota in order to get their Travelling booked instantly .

We'll what do you think about this ? .