Tuesday, 10 September 2013

iBall Edu Slide tablet with IIT JEE Bansal Classes teaching material launched

iBall has launched it's new Edu Slide tablet targeting students appearing for IIT JEE or looking for coaching material to study through technology. As people are mostly buying stuff that helps them in different ways this version of Edu Slide will help them ao lt.

Bansal Classes who is very famous for it's teaching for IIT JEE preparation has given their immense support in creating the content to be supplied to iBall so that it can be pre loaded on the Edu Slide tablet . THe study material from the Bansal will come without any extra charge .The reality lies within because nobody gives anything at all for free and so it's true here also the price of the gadget is described below, after seeing it you will notice that you'll have to pay some bucks to enjoy the material.

Study Material in iBall Edu Slide tablet for IIT JEE Include

  • Question Problems.
  • Notes for studying .
  • eBooks for PCM ( Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics ).
  • Some Tips might be there.
We'll there is no 100% guarantee of the above fact to be true however it is written after predicting it smartly.


Edu Slide Specs are as follows
  • 1 GB Ram.
  • 8 MP rear camera.
  • 8000 mAh battery
  • 10.1 inch display @ resolution of 1280X1024 pixels SXGA .

Variants of Slide Tablet available

There are two of them including WiFi only and the other is Dual Sim,3G and WiFi so the second is beneficial as it can be seen .But the first one has some cons which is that it has a 1.5 GHz Dual Core processor but the 2nd one is having a Quad Core so here's a major difference people might wanna consider.

Price of iBall Edu Slide coming for IIT JEE 

  • 1st version- Rs 31,000 .
  • 2nd - Rs 36,000.
We wish every person who is studying for IIT may get tons of help from this tablet.

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