Thursday, 3 October 2013

Vodafone India launched " My Vodafone App " for Android, Blackberry and iOS

Vodafone Telecom Operator has launched My Vodafone app for Android, Blackberry and iOS operating systems. This App provide users the facility and ease of technology by letting them pay their Bills, Recharging account, Tracking service requests and getting various offers .
Vodafone India launched " My Vodafone App " for Android, Blackberry and iOS

As far as features are concerned of My Vodafone App it is believed that it might remove the difficult for a user to get the deals as earlier some numbers were dialed and so after it we used to get a choice to choose a plan but here something quite good have been provided.

The Vodafone India has done a tremendous work by launching their " My App " which will also allow users to see their balance, data available, 3G services, and Internet regarding material right on one place making it easier to manage the account without any losses .The Only Thing this app requires is the Internet Connection which might be made possible either on GPRS , or a normal WiFi etc.

Earlier Version of My Vodafone App have been upgraded to version 2.0 which is quite new than the previous one, some tweaks and features have been added to simplify the use to further levels .

My Vodafone App For Android, Blackberry and iOS Key features 

 You will be able to do following things, checking current balance, last service used, amount to be paid, you can recharge your mobile the simple way even by using debit and supported bank cards.
You can see your transactions, tariffs can be activated right from the app without any further human requirement . Recent Cuttings in the amount can be viewed without contacting Customer Care for it, data available in your account can also be seen .

So do you think this Vodafone App will boost the Users likeliness towards it ? .